Business Acumen

  • To reduce the cost of Chinese local businesses
  • Reduces the time for sourcing candidates for recruitment
  • Improves the efficiency of the recruitment and placement processes
  • Reduces the clutter of unqualified candidates that enter the recruitment pipeline by providing re-screening and pre-screening facilities

Talent Sourcing

  • Cultivate outstanding Filipinos through training and provide business owners to be efficient
  • Ensure the quality of individuals for the enterprise
  • Culture fitting


  • High Class Mandarin Teacher
  • Quality Mandarin Language Training
  • Join the FUN of LEARNING – be REWARDED

Service Method

Owner open vacancy ⇒ Professional HR mass selection ⇒ Training(Chinese,vocational skills,corporate culture,management process,rules and regulations,etc.)⇒ Smooth induction ⇒ Employees’ feedback